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॥ ॐ नमः शिवाय ॥


The grasses Kusha and Durva are considered sacred in Hinduism, especially in Shaivism, and are used in many religious rites. A mat made from kusha grass is considered ideal for the practice of Hatha-Yoga, meditation and various ascetic practices. But here we are not talking about this. Many people know that these herbs are sacred for Lord Shiva, but not many outside India know what kind of plants they are, in which area they grow and what are they called in Latin. This information is given below.

Kusha (or darbha):

  • Sanskrit name: कुश (kuśa).

  • Latin name: Poa cynosuroides.

Other names for this plant (synonyms):

Desmostachya bipinnata, Briza bipinnata, Eragrostis bipinnata, Eragrostis cynosuriodes, Stapfiola bipinnata, Uniola bipinnata.


  • Sanskrit name: दूर्वा (dūrvā).

  • Latin name: Agrostis linearis (или Cynodon dactylon).

  • English name: Bermuda grass

Other names for this plant (synonyms):

Agrostis bermudiana, Agrostis filiformis, Agrostis linearis, Capriola dactylon, Capriola dactylon, Chloris cynodon, Chloris maritima, Chloris paytensis, Cynodon affinis, Cynodon aristiglumis, Cynodon aristulatus, Cynodon barberi f. longifolia, Cynodon decipiens, Cynodon distichloides, Cynodon erectus, Cynodon glabratus, Cynodon grandispiculus, Cynodon hirsutissimus, Cynodon iraquensis, Cynodon laeviglumis, Cynodon linearis, Cynodon maritimus, Cynodon mucronatus, Cynodon nitidus, Cynodon occidentalis, Cynodon pascuus, Cynodon pedicellatus, Cynodon polevansii, Cynodon portoricensis, Cynodon repens, Cynodon sarmentosus, Cynodon scabrifolius, Cynodon stellatus, Cynodon tenuis, Cynodon umbellatus, Cynosurus dactylon, Cynosurus uniflorus, Dactilon officinale, Dactylus officinalis, Digitaria ambigua, Digitaria dactylon, Digitaria glumaepatula, Digitaria glumipatula, Digitaria linearis, Digitaria linearis, Digitaria littoralis, Digitaria maritima, Digitaria stolonifera, Fibichia dactylon, Fibichia umbellata, Milium dactylon, Panicum ambiguum, Panicum dactylon, Panicum glumipatulum, Panicum lineare, Paspalum ambiguum, Paspalum dactylon, Paspalum umbellatum, Phleum dactylon, Syntherisma linearis, Vilfa linearis, Vilfa stellata.

It is worth noting that in different regions these herbs may have purely local names. Also, in various reference books, these herbs can be called differently, which can be the cause of confusion.

N. Gokhale in her book "The Puffin Mahabharata" writes the following:

"When it is dry, kusha straw is called durva or dharbai; however, some say these are two different species: kusha is Poa cynosuroides and durva, Agrostis linearis."


ॐ नमः शिवाय


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