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  • The Shining Lord of the Universe
  • Rigvedian doctrine of the psychocosmos of man-universe
  • Hymn to the Absolute God
  • Durvasa-muni - the Vedic sage of rage
  • Ahimsa from point of view of Tantra
  • The manifestation of Rudra (comic strip based on "Shiva-Mahapurana")
  • That's funny


The authors:


NN ... , A.A. Semenenko, S.S. Chistyakov, V. Dmitrieva, E. Osintseva (artist).

Shivaloka No. 7

SKU: 36523641234523
  • A5 format, 28 pages, excellent glossy paper, high print quality, package (zip). As a bonus, some sacred ash from Kashi-Viswanath temple, camphor and incense sticks are attached. Language: Russian.

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